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  HLC Represents the following products:


 Semiconductor Products Semiconductor Products 

  • Discrete: Silicon Carbide Discrete, Modules and Silicon Rectifer Modules.
  • Display Driver ICs 
  • EL Back -Light Inverters ICs 
  • LED's  signal to 4 watt;  LED driver  IC's
  • FETS: N&P Channel High-Voltage MOSFETs, Analog Switches, PWM,
  • IGBTs, IGCTs, High Voltage Diodes, High Power Diodes, SCRs 
  • Memory: SRAM, DRAM, Flash
  • 8 bit and 32 Bit uC & uP

 Electromechanical Products Electro Mechanical Products 

  • Cable Assemblies 
  • DC Fans; Blowers 
  • Flexible Printed Circuits and Assemblies 
  • LED displays; LED power semiconductor
  • AC and DC LED arrays
  • Microphones; MEMS based
  • Sensors; Temperature, angle, current, pressure, NTC
  • Optical Transceivers, Thin film products passive component
  • LCD Monitors
  • Thermal interface materials, Thermal substrates

Fischer ConnectorsHigh Precision circular push-pull connectors serving the Industrial, Military, Aviation, Medical, Defense & Security,  Instrumentation, Broadcast and Transportation markets. Complete cable assembly capabilities and in house over-molding available.


 Magnetics Magnetics 

  • EMC; Inductors, Chokes, Filters, Feedthrough components
  • EMI Filters, Transformers- 
  • Inductors - Thin Film, SMT Ceramic and Ferrite Wire Wound 
  • Planar Transformers 

 Passive Components Passive Component Products 
  • Arresters ; Surge , Switching spark gaps, Ferrites 
  • Crystals , Oscillators, TXCO, VCXO, OCXO, Resonators, Synchronous Timing Solutions 
  • Film and Film SMT, Aluminum electrolytic,
  • Metal oxide varistors (SIOV), PTC/NTC Thermistors SMT, leaded and assemblies 
  • Capacitors; AC Power Film, PFC, Aluminum Electrolytic
  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, High Temp, Auto-Grade, ESD, High Voltage, SMT 

 Power Supplies Power Supplies 

  • Universal AC/DC Power Supplies 75 watt to 4000 watt ; Front-End/Rectifiers
  • DC/DC- 1/16 to  full Brick; 3.3 watt to 700 watt 
  • POL; Isolated and non-isolated 2A to 60A
  • Front End/ Rack/ CPI Power Supplies 3.3V to 48V;  850W to 6400W

  RF Products RF Products 

  • RF connectors;  SMA, SMB, SMK, N, MCX, MMCX; RF Cable Assemblies
  • Microwave, Saw ; RF Modules, Surface acoustic wave components 
  • Integrated Circuits;  Power Amplifiers, switches,  Quadrature Demodulators, Front-Ends Modules, IF Amplifiers, 802.11 Wireless LAN drivers and filters.
  • Inductors 



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