A Manufacture's Representative
of Electronic Components and Assemblies
Professional Technical Sales Staff
Covering Illinois and Wisconsin
Extensive knowledge of and relationships with Electronic OEMs
In a wide range of market segments

Market Segments

We serve this large Midwest market with an ever growing need for electronics, we offer a wide variety of key solutions to help our customers succeed.  Products

Electronic content continues to expand in the automotive space, we have several suppliers who serve this quality focused market space. Products

We offer key solutions for this high reliability, high value market space to help our customers succeed with our key suppliers. Products 

We have many customers serving this market space and we offer them essential solutions as their electronic content continues to grow. Products

Growing market space with wide variety of customers, we offer key products to enable efficient products  and improved time to market. Products

We offer a variety of products that serve this valuable market space. Products
We help customers in this fast paced market with key solutions that help them move faster. Products